UPVC Doors

UPVC is based on polyvinyl chloride (PVC), one of the most versatile polymers found in the century. PVC today finds application in almost all facet of our life, from daily use to highly sophisticated life saving applications. This flexibility of PVC is leveraged through a unique formulation to prepare a special UPVC blend for windows and doors.

PVC forms the major (approx 80 - 85 %) constituent of blend composition. PVC unlike other polymer is heat sensitive and hence needs additives for processing. The property of material is such that it can be made as soft as rubber or can have strength close to any other engineered plastic. This versatility is developed through additives (like light & UV stabilizer, processing aids, impact modifier, lubricants, fillers, pigments, plasticizer etc.) which are added in PVC during the blending process.


Types of Windows

  • Fixed Double Glazed Windows.
  • Casement Double Glazing Windows.
  • Gliding and Sliding uPVC Double Glazing Windows.
  • Awning Double Glazed Windows.
  • Single and Double Hung (Sash Window)
  • Rotating or Tilt & Turn uPVC Window.
  • Bay & Bow Window.